Miranda's Story

 CASA Volunteer Bethany made a difference for Miranda!

Bethany, a new CASA volunteer (also a full time Miami University student) was assigned a case involving a then 5 ½ year old little girl named Miranda.  Miranda had been thrown into the Juvenile Court system at age 4 ½. She was removed from her parents during a police stop.  She was found in a car with her parents who had pills, drugs and were under the influence.  Miranda spent almost a year with her grandparents whom she loved a great deal.  Due to health problems, the grandparents had to relinquish custody to Children Services as they could no longer care for her.  This is when Bethany steps in. 

Bethany met with Miranda weekly at her foster home to provide advocacy, support and encouragement to this scared little girl.  At a meeting with Bethany's teacher to check on her progress, Miranda excitedly introduced   Bethany to her kindergarten class as "Her special friend".  Bethany was that and more to Miranda.  Through their weekly outings, Bethany realized how important family ties were to this little girl.  Bethany sought approval for Miranda to see her ailing grandfather. Once approved Bethany and Miranda went for a visit to the nursing home, not only did Bethany attend this visit to show Miranda support, she took photos for Bethany, the grandparents and parents.  Sadly, Miranda's parents could not conquer their drug addiction to reunite with their daughter.  Fortunately, relatives came forward from Indiana and expressed an interest in Miranda.  Bethany was a bit apprehensive.  Could they provide a forever family for Miranda?  Would they love her unconditionally as their own?  As soon as Bethany met with the relatives, she knew the answer was an astounding "yes".  During the first meeting Miranda stayed close to Bethany and even stated she would give her a signal if she was afraid.   The visit went wonderfully and Miranda was eventually placed in Indiana. 

Bethany advocated to the court for permanency for this little girl as she had already spent so much of her life with uncertainty.  Miranda needed a chance at a family and a future.  Bethany got creative to keep in contact with Miranda and due to the 3 hours distance began "skyping" with Miranda on a regular basis.  Miranda is placed with wonderful relatives who love, care and support her.  She will have a forever family and a forever friend in Bethany.

"Bethanys's support and stability gave Miranda the courage she needed to step into a new world that offered her many opportunities and much love. Miranda never had support or stability from her home before.  We feel that this sums it up, Bethany was able to provide these essential needs for Miranda and for that, we are eternally grateful for the CASA program.

                         Bethany's "new parents" - Ann & Mike (7/11)